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LoPair Education Ltd., founded in 2011, LoPair is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and intercultural learning using its core program Au Pair China. The Intern Direct program is sponsored by the Lopair Education Ltd., a highly-respected and established Au Pair company operating in China for over 15 years. Intern Direct is supported by its U.S. partner, URep Abroad.

Besides the Au Pair China program, LoPair Education also developed an online tutoring program, Star Mentor, which allows education lovers to gain teaching experience from Chinese language learners.

As a result of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, LoPair recognized the importance of maintaining virtual connections between cultures and countries. As China undergoes a booming international collaboration period, it has been a priority to identify new talents and specialization to grow a virtual market to continue bringing in new ideas, strengthening relationships across the world, and fostering professional skills and relationships.

About Team

Michael Xie

Lopair Director

Inspired by his high school exchange experience in Japan, Michael Xie entered youth exchange field in 2007 after his graduation from the Beijing Foreign Studies University with German literature diploma.

He founded LoPair Education in 2011, a cultural exchange agency dedicated to foster intercultural understanding by connecting Chinese host communities with tutors and youth students from overseas both online and offline.

Michael also serves as board member of international au pair association (IAPA) as well as consultant of several corporations at home and abroad in various business fields.

Dr. Shawntia Key

Program Consultant

Dr. Key has more than 10 years of experience in international education with professional expertise in student advising and leadership development, intercultural management, strategic planning, teaching and training, and curriculum and program development.

She has a doctorate in higher education management, a Masters in international education, and Bachelor in international studies. She is also the CEO and Founder of URep Abroad and HomeTrav.

Justine Wang

Program Director

Justine has studied and lived in U.S. for 8 years, own a Master degree in Digital Media Management from Northeastern University, Massachusetts. She is also a Placement manager of Lopair Au Pair China Program, good at understanding the needs of customers and help to create opportunities for youth to experience Chinese culture.

She also have great entrepreneurial experience, which could offer a very good support on internship program.

Kitty Qian

Program Coodinator

Kitty joined an culture exchange program as an Au Pair in U.S. for a year, she has gained rich western culture experience from the program. Currently she is also the program manager of Au Pair in America Program ,building the connection between Chinese youth and American families and helping the Chinese youth to pursue their dreams and experience American culture.
Meanwhile she had few years working experience in hotel management ,obtaining numerous experience to deal with customers issues . She would love to give any assistance to you on internship program .

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