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Assistant Copywriter Intern

  • Project Length:8 weeks, 10-20 hours per week
  • Language:English Native Speaker, Mandarin is preferred but not a must
  • Compensation: Starting at 8 USD per hour

Project Statement:

Work in the arising influencer marketing industry and get trained with insights of the supper video app Tiktok, Polish your copywriting skills while getting paid.

Industries: Influencer Marketing

Social Media Management

  • Project Length:8 weeks, 10-20 hours per week
  • Language:English / Spanish / Arabic / French
  • Compensation: Performance bonus upon completion

Project Statement:

Manage and create content for textile employer’s Social Media accounts such as Instagram. Conduct industry research in the local market and assist with conducting marketing campagins.

Industries: Manufacture, Forign Trade

Content Developer

  • Project Length: 8 – 12weeks, 10-15 hours/ week
  • Language: English
  • Compensation: 7 Euros or equivalant per hour

Project Statement:

Intern can produce contents for eco product employer’s social media platforms, such as FB or Instagram. You will be responsible for creating original text, promotion poster, pictures or videos. Explore opportuniy working with Youtubers to raise brand awareness. Use your creative ideas to write a promotion plan.


Capital Firm Research

  • Project Length: 8 – 12weeks, 10-20 hours/ week
  • Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, other European languages
  • Compensation: Negotiable

Project Statement:

Learn about investment strategy and connect with overseas investment firms. Serve as part of the negotiations team. Business goal is to contact those overseas investment capital firms, establish contacts and raise capital for employer’s firm and their clients. The intern may visit local companies for us, until international travel status is reinstated.

Industries: Finance, Business, Commerce

Curriculum Developer

  • Project Length: 12 weeks, 20-40 hours per month
  • Language: English Native Speaker
  • Compensation: Starting at 350 USD per month

Project Statement:

To assist and contribute to the growth and development of the online English tutoring program (especially content development) and provide some administrative assistance and support to the office team in China.

Industries: Online Education

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